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EMoney® POS was made for the modern business. It's not just software, it's a new way to run your business. EMoney POS comes chock full of other features to help your business create the best shopping & checkout experience.

Over the next few sections, we'll show you how to enable your business for the use of EMoney®. Not only as a point of sale but as a website, embedded iFrame, web POS, and even straight-up transactions.

Step 1

Register your business

Creating an account is simple and fast.
To do so - visit our registration page.

Step 2

Upload your inventory

Sign into your EMoney® account. Navigate to your business and click "create product".

Step 3

Setup your staff

From the staff area. Create or modify staff. You may create special privileges for your organizations different access levels.

Pick your platform

Tablet POS

An iOS app that transforms your business so you experience affordability, flexibility, and mobility.

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Virtual shop experience from a tablet perspective.

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Web eShop/iFrame

Take your brick and mortar business to the next level with instant availability of your virtual shop.

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