We make taking orders and making payments easy! Whether payment is at checkout, at the table, or even from a mobile device; EMoney® POS gives you the tools to run your restaurant more efficiently. Less work for your servers and higher customer satisfaction; your business will appreciate the seamlessness of it all.

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Why Tablets?

Tablet solutions transform your business and allows for affordability, flexibility, and mobility for your host-based systems. Host-based solutions enable business owners to reduce overhead cost while seeing an increase in productivity. Servers find EMoney® POS easy to use while customers are receptive and expectant of the new, safe, and efficient technology - all for a fraction of the cost.


Need to split the check? Modify an order? No problem. EMoney® POS offers your business the flexibility to handle any sort of transaction! We know orders are unique and vary per customer. Our tailored software accommodates anything and everything!

Inventory Management

With EMoney® POS, businesses can effectively manage shrinkage and loss with proper inventory control. Your time is valuable, do not spend it manually counting inventory. The EMoney® POS user friendly interface, you can now track and monitor your inventory with ease. Knowing and managing your stock levels means smarter business. In addition, our customizable screen layout eliminates unnecessary steps and complete purchases and reduces staff training.

Employee Management

From accessing detailed reports or completing transactions, our Staff Management program enables you to set roaming privileges and manage employee access. You control who has access to what. After all, you are the boss!

Customer Engagement

Hospitality is a learned manner that welcomes even a stranger in your home. It is the comfort of knowing you are welcome and remembered that keeps people coming back. With EMoney® POS we preserve this comfort by helping businesses track their regulars and customer favorites so that everyone is greeted in the same manner they have become accustomed to. Begin rewarding your loyal customers with coupons, deals, and gift cards. Because it feels good to be acknowledged!

Enhanced Software for Restaurants & Bars

Try our POS in a box. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not – it’s definitely good AND certainly true. Share your business needs and desires and we will deliver a custom package to your front door.

Stellar Support

We pride ourselves on unsurpassed 24/7 customer service support. When you call EMoney® POS, you get a real person on the line. No answering service, all in-house. We are here when you need us most. We are 100% confident that our products and services will help improve operations, enhance customer experience, and save your business time and money. When you work with EMoney® POS, you get a solution that is secure, innovative, and promotes success. Contact us today, we would love to answer any additional questions or help you get started.

Integrations & Extras

Integrated processing, campaigns, consumer engagement, virtual gift cards, and mobile invoicing. Say goodbye to MailChimp, Groupon, Apptivo, and more. EMoney® POS offers a full suite of platforms and products that are built into your software already. With a single company providing a complete end-to-end solution, why look any further?