Retail POS


Customers will enjoy their shopping experience more than ever! From gift and loyalty to rapid check out with a sleek design – EMoney® POS has it all.

Inventory Management

With our online ordering tools linked to your POS, we provide your business a way to manage and control your inventory and sales. All orders can be delivered to you or your customers’ doorsteps. No loss of sales, no referrals to other stores!

Your time is valuable, do not spend it manually counting inventory. The EMoney® POS user friendly interface, you can now track and monitor your inventory with ease. Knowing and managing your stock levels means smarter business. In addition, our customizable screen layout eliminates unnecessary steps to complete purchases and reduces staff training.

Real-time reporting that makes a difference

Our comprehensive online reporting options available anytime, anywhere allow you to get better results so you can make better decisions. From the macro to the micro, it’s just a click away.

Employee Management

From accessing detailed reports or completing transactions, our Staff Management program enables you to set roaming privileges and manage employee access. You control who has access to what. After all, you are the boss!

Customer Engagement

Ever wondered how you could maximize the potential of your current customer base? With features that allow you to build, grow and know your customers, you gain recurring business with incentives that keep your clientele returning.

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Why Tablets?

Wow your customers with this sleek, fast and comprehensive tablet based software. It will leave your staff smiling and your customers impressed. With our e-Suite of products, EMoney® POS has everything you need and everything your customers want.


Personalize shopping experiences, make it easy to pay, and retain your customer's loyalty. Integrated encrypted readers and barcode scanners easily check out customers and shorten long lines.

Stellar Support

We pride ourselves on unsurpassed 24/7 customer service support. When you call EMoney® POS, you get a real person on the line. No answering service, all in-house. We are here when you need us most. We are 100% confident that our products and services will help improve operations, enhance customer experience, and save your business time and money. When you work with EMoney® POS, you get a solution that is secure, innovative, and promotes success. Contact us today, we would love to answer any additional questions or help you get started.

Integrations & Extras

Integrated processing, campaigns, customer engagement, virtual gift cards, and mobile invoicing. Say goodbye to MailChimp, Groupon, Apptivo, and more. EMoney® POS offers a full suite of platforms and products that are built into your software already. With a single company providing a complete end to end solution, why look any further?

Savings Guaranteed

When we say we’ve got you covered, we mean it. EMoney® POS offers fully integrated merchant processing. Pricing that is competitive and transparent with no strings attached. We want you to experience maximum savings, full security, with a bevy of products/services to engage your customers and meet the demands of today’s market.

Zero Contract Term

With zero contract term backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are committed to making you happy. Equally as important as our guarantee is our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Along with fair pricing, you receive 24/7, live, in-house support and an effort to continually exceed performance.

One Stop Shop

We turn convoluted, multi-vendor components into one robust, end-to-end merchant processing solution. We make business easy, efficient, profitable, and more secure. Stand alone or fully integrated, our products and services are seamless, cost-effective and give testimony to why we have a loyal following.